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The Photography of Eric Skrzypczak
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Here are a few of my favorite sites on the internet:

I attended Frank Comisar’s Exotic Birds of the Prairie photography workshop. I left this workshop a very happy photographer. He went out of his way to ensure that we had optimal photographs of the Greater Prairie Chicken. Even though I am a seasoned hand at lightroom and photoshop I still learned a few tricks from his digital darkroom lessons. I highly recommend Frank’s workshops. I will be attending more of his in the future. I thought his workshop represented real value in obtaining optimal images of two very elusive species.

Philip Sorrentino's bird photography

Margaret Adamson's Birding Belfast UK Blog

Battiste's  Bed, Breakfast and Birds - Great Photo Blind in Sierra Vista Arizona

www.birding.co.za - Etienne Marais is a great bird guide who is patient with photographers.

The Melbourne Birder - Steve Davidson is a great bird guide in Melbourne Australia. I recommend asking him to take you to Werribee Waste Treatment Facility.

Zest for Birds - Andrew Patrick is a great bird guide in the Sydney Australia area.